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About Us

Welcome to, The premier supplier of the EU Reaserch Chemicals. We are distributors of such as Methiopropamine (MPA), 3-MMC, AMT, 5-APB, Synthacaine, Ethlyphenidate (EP), and many more.

When you buy Research Chemicals from us you can be assured of great quality research chemical products at more than affordable prices.

We have been in the business of supplying Research Chemicals for academic and Institutional research projects for some time and have now opened this website to accommodate the many EU based clients..

We constantly have new products in R&D and we have been at the forefront of the general release of many of your favourite chemicals including 5-APB, MPA, and many more..

Our research chemical products are very competitively priced because we benefit from direct access to several top manufacturing facilities. Because of this we are not only able to provide the average student with a small amount but also large bulk quantities of a particular research chemical for longitudinal research projects.

We source all our products in bulk from several trusted and well established manufacturers, they come to us complete with certification of analysis on testing which means we can be sure that what we receive are at least 99.8% in purity, and that all our research chemicals are of the highest grade standard they can be and guaranteed to provide the best source for all your research needs.

We are not directly affiliated with any buckledbonzi site but have been authorised by them to use the trusted BuckledBonzi name. All our chemicals pass their stringent quality control.

We are proud to have been allowed to use the Buckled name for EU and worldwide sales.

We will always deliver on our promises regarding delivery, we provide very secure and discreet packaging where necessary and guaranteed best prices in the world online RC market.

We will only supply chemicals that are legal in the region that we are sending them to, so please do not ask for us to send chemicals that are banned or under a temp ban in your region.

Our distribution hub is based in central Europe, if you wish to contact us we are available via a European based landline, email or skype.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your business.

Feel free to contact us any time on