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Bitcoin is the favourite way of paying for goods by the majority of our customers.

We offer a 5% automatic discount on all order when paid with Bitcoin, no discount code needed the discount is applied at checkout automatically. As well as the automatic 10% discount you can also enter discount code BB10 to gain an additional 10% discount on all orders up to €300 in value............ Thats a massive combined discount of 15% on all orders paid by Bitcoin to the value of €300

Below is a simple step by step guide on how to buy and use Bitcoins.

01. Place your order at and select your payment method as Bitcoin. Don't forget to also add your discount code  bb10 in total you will receive a combined discount of 20%

2. Once order is completed you will be advised the total amount of Bitcoin required to pay for your order in a message similar to the message shown below:

3. You must now select yourself a Bitcoin wallet provider with one of the many providers of wallets you can find at   go through the mant providers and select the provider who suits you best. We recommend you use a wallet with double verification which keeps your Bitcoins secure from hackers.

4. Now you have selected the best wallet for your needs you must register and once registered you will have your own unique wallet and wallet address made of a sequence of letters and numbers  this is your wallet address you will use to buy Bitcoins and send them to your wallet ready to make payment to

5. You now have your unique wallet for storage of your Bitcoins you must now buy Bitcoins and send them to your wallet. Imagine it being like going to the ATM and drawing cash then storing it in your wallet or purse ready to spend later, this is exactly the same idea.

6. You must register with a Bitcoin broker in order to buy Bitcoins normally upon registering you are required to verify your identity before buying ( don't let this put you off ) this normally will take 1 or 2 days but once verified all future Bitcoin purchases will be automatic with no delays so please register now and verify.

7. Once registered and verified buy the required amount of Bitcoins to pay your order we recommend you buy slightly more than is required once bought send them to YOUR wallet.

8. Send the payment for your order to the wallet address we sent you. We will have advised you our wallet address and the value shown as BTC 0.0000000000   The part BTC 0.00000000 is the amount of Bitcoin to be sent.

9. Finally once you've sent the payment drop us an email at to confirm you have paid advising your order number.

The above seems very time consuming but this is only because we have explained step by step ho to pay by Bitcoin. The whole process once your wallet and Bitcoin buy account is set up will take you less than 2 minutes each time...... Surely to save 20% you can devote 2 minutes when ordering to pay.