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Where is my order shipped from?
Portugal, or the Netherlands, depending on what products are orderded.

Does ship to the U.K, Sweden, Ireland or Russia
No, not under any circumstances.

I have received an email requesting further information labelled "Security Check"
We will occasionally check the authenticity of our customers to prevent fraudulent purchases. If you have no trading history with us any order over €100 will be put on hold and you will be asked to provide proof of identity, your order will not be processed under any circumstances until this information is supplied. We will also ask for this information if your ordering pattern dramatically changes for example you have 10 previous orders each under €50 then you place an order to the value of €300, this is outside your normal ordering pattern and will cause a security check to be raised.

I have not received any email updates have you shipped my order?
All orders receive an email updates at every stage of the ordering process, if you have not yet had any please check your junk folder as sometimes they can end up in there. You can also log into to your acccount at anytime to see the status of your order.

What are your payment processing faciliies?
We accept Matercard and Visa payments via our online secure facilities up to the value of €200, all orders over €200 must be paid by bitcoin which is safe and secure to use for all parties involved.

Why is my payment been declined?
This is a question you need to call your card issuer for, We do not decline or accept payments your card issuer gives us the accept or decline status to all orders, If your purchase is international please note that some credit & debit cards are set up for domestic use only and will not allow international transactions however normally you can call your card issuer and authorise the payment.

What products are legal in my country?

The chemicals and products offered by are for research purposes, GM/MS referance only.
Any form of in vivo research or experiments are strictly forbidden, if you are in any doubt of how to safely conduct in vitro experiments with our products or do not have the correct safety equipment then please do not order.
You are ordering these products within Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish law restrictions, do not advise on legality issues. does not send products to countries where the import of those products are restricted.
With our vast range of products it is not possible for us to verify the laws in every country,
so we rely on your information regarding the specific products in your region.
Ultimately, you are responsible for verifying the legality of the products.
You are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.
We have many country specific restrictions in place for many products we know that are forbidden but cannot guarantee all
restrictions or lack of restriction is 100% correct due to laws updating and changing all the time
If in any doubt of the legality of a product in your region we strongly advise you do not order.

How long should my order take to arrive?
EU orders will normally arrive within a week. Non EU orders will take a little longer, the average shipping time is 3 - 12 business days but can take longer.

Do you offer Express Shipping?
Currently we only offer shipping via the postal service as this proves to be the best method for our customers.

How will my order be packaged?
All orders are package very discreetly in padded envelopes or envelopes with heat sealed sachets inside, no mention of products names or the website name on the outside of the packages. full chemical details are supplied on the internal packaging.

How much can I order from you? has the facility to supply anything from 250mg sample amount up to multiple kilograms, contact us for a quote.

Do you accept Paypal?
No we do not accept Paypal, the reason been its against Paypal's terms and conditions and anyone using Paypal to take payment for Research Chemicals is taking payments illegally. You and the seller run the risk of have your Paypal account closed and funds held for 180 days

I am looking for a drug that is like cocaine, MDMA etc can you help?
No, we supply fine organic chemicals to research institutes, private researchers and the general scientific community, they are strictly not for human consumption or any type of in vivo research. Our products are to be used as laboratory reagents for laboratory research and development purposes.
Any customer emailing us indicating that they intend to consume our products will be banned from our site.

Do you supply free samples?
No we do not supply free samples, there is sample amounts for sale on the website and very reasonably priced, you are expected to purchase any samples like everyone else.If you are a regular customer and require a sample with an order just ask in the comments section, the dispatch would usually accommodate you if they are in a good mood.

I ordered the wrong item, can I return or replace it?
No sorry, due to the nature of the business all sales are final, you have from the time of purchase to the time your order reaches order status awaiting shipment to cancel or amend your order. no exceptions! Once this status has been reached it means your order is packed and mixed with all the mail to be shipped we will not shut down our processing centre to dig out your package so please don't be offended when we tell you NO.

Is your company legit?
The answer is yes we are 100% legitimate, we are a new online selling company, but the team behind it have been in the business for many years.You should be able to search online for online reviews and ratings left by past customers very soon , they should be easy enough to come by as we continue to grow

How will my order be packaged?
All orders are package very discreetly in padded envelopes or envelopes with heat sealed sachets inside, no mention of products names or the website name on the out side of the packages. full chemical details are supplied on the internal packaging.

Do I get a tracking number with my order?
Airmail does not have a tracking number, no tracking number will be supplied.

Do you have a product that's not listed on your website ?
We can source most products in any quantity, If they is a product you are interested in you can contact us for more information, we will only source products not listed on our website if the order is 250g or over.

What courier service do you use?
For all order we use standard Airmail service the same service that woould be used if you were sending a letter.

I have seen prices cheaper then yours on another website, will you price match?
Yes that is a possibility, as long as the website is a trusted, reputable EU vendor.

I am a regular customer, can I have a discount?
We will decide when we offer discounts and normally you will be notified by email so be sure to make a account to take advantage of all discounts and offers.We will be running many discounts and special offers over the coming months.

I have had an email saying my order is being shipped from 2 locations, why is this?
We have different warehouses in different countries and regions we may split your order if the items you have ordered are not within 1 single warehouse or there couldd be legal reasons why we have not shipped from a single warehouse.

And just to be crystal clear in case anyone still does not understand.
The chemicals and pellets we sell are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION or any form of in vivo research or experiments. If you are in any doubt of how to safely conduct in vitro experiments with our products, or do not have the correct safety equipment, then please do not order.